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Small Groups Ministry

Sunday School Classes

FELLOWSHIP BIBLE CLASS is made up of several of our more mature members and welcome anyone interested in joining their group. They meet on Sundays from 9:30-10:30 A.M. in the conference room by the church office.  They are going to be starting a study from the PC(USA) curriculum titled The Present Word. This quarter’s material, “God’s Law is Love” looks at loving in the context of God’s law, focusing on New Testament texts reinterpreting Mosaic law for believers. Class members rotate discussion leadership weekly. Other enjoyable aspects of this group besides growing in the knowledge of Christ is the fellowship among the class and that almost every week doughnuts are shared. Come, enjoy, learn and grow with us.

PARENT'S CLASS is a diverse group of adults with children ranging in age from infants to teenagers. We aim to provide a welcoming space for weekly fellowship as we support each other’s faith and life journeys through connecting conversations. We meet weekly to discuss various topics ranging from faith studies to current events and opportunities to serve others. All are welcome to join our class! 

NURSERY care is offered from 9:15 until after the 11:00 service is dismissed (Approximately 12:15).  Ages from birth to 3 are welcome.  Our caring staff enjoys interacting and sharing their faith with the children through stories and play in a comfortable safe nursery and play areas.


CPC BOOMERS GROUP welcomes anyone of any age who would like to join us. The purpose of a small group in the church is to get to know one another, and to support one another and our growth in Christian life. We meet every other Sunday after church in the Educational Building at 12:15. Occasionally we skip a meeting if enough members can’t make it, if it is a holiday, or if the church is having a potluck.


We read books about aspects of Christianity. There is a wide range in the perspectives of books we use, and there is usually something insightful or useful.  We discuss the chapter or chapters we’ve read in the meeting.  We take turns leading the discussions/meetings.  Often there are chapter questions or a workbook that goes with it.  


As a group we also look for opportunities to where we can help the church or church missions. For example, this year we all assisted in one way or another with Vacation Bible School. Please feel free to visit or join our class anytime your schedule allows.

WEDNESDAYS WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDY.  This group meets at 9:30 on the first floor of the educational building each Wednesday, beginning the first Wednesday of September and ending the last Wednesday of May each year.  Study, fellowship, and prayer are important practices for this group.  They study to understand God’s Plan for them, both in their church and home, while addressing current issues that women deal with in our society. 


PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN'S MARY MARTHA CIRCLES.  There are two groups that meet at Covington Presbyterian Church. They each meet the second Tuesday of the month. The morning group meets at 9:30 in the Fellowship Hall.  The evening group meets at 5:30 in the Fellowship Hall and a light supper is served. 


The Presbyterian Women’s group welcomes all women who are members or friends of the church to join for fellowship, spiritual growth and service to the church and community.  The PW is involved in all aspects of the church.  There are numerous opportunities to serve the church and our community. Opportunities for growth and fellowship include (but are not limited to):  Bible Studies, Meals to Bless, Christmas Giving Tree, Our Missions, Teaching our children, or Assisting with worship services. Any act, big or small, is welcomed and appreciated!  We look forward to an exciting and productive year doing God’s work!

CPC CHANCEL CHOIR meets each Thursday at 6PM for choir practice in the CPC Sanctuary.  

PRAYING PEOPLE: LISTENING FOR GOD is a prayer group that meets every Thursday at 10AM in the CPC Sanctuary. This group is committed to deepening their indiviudal and communal spiritual prayer practices.  Scripture or spiritual readings, silent prayer, theological reflection, and holy conversations are practices that make up our prayer time. 

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